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3 Great Questions to Ask Your Commercial Fence Business

In this informative blog post, we’ll take a look at three key questions that you should ask a potential commercial fence business.

If you’re looking into installing a new fence around your business property, you need the right team for the job. A good commercial fence serves both practical security purposes and can make your property look polished and professional. With many fence contractors to choose from, how do you know you’re making the right choice for your company? Here are three key questions to ask any commercial fence business before signing a contract.

1. How Long Have You Been Installing Commercial Fences?

You want confidence that a contractor has sufficient experience working on commercial properties like storefronts, warehouses, apartment buildings, or office spaces. While residential projects certainly provide good overall training, commercial builds bring their own unique set of considerations around access, security, heavy equipment, zoning laws, and more. Look into their background. Do they have a history of serving businesses similar to yours? These answers will reflect how accustomed they are to the type of job you have in mind.

2. What Type of Fencing Do You Recommend for My Property?

Fencing serves a wide variety of purposes, from keeping items secure to deterring break-ins and establishing boundaries. Before tailoring their suggestions to what you need, a reputable commercial fence business will inquire about your goals, ask to survey your property layout, factor in appearance ordinances, and explain options that can accomplish your objectives.

Some fence materials, such as chain link, emphasize safety, while vinyl or wrought iron designs make for better aesthetics. According to This Old House, a leading online publication on all things construction, a solid steel, cast iron, or tubular aluminum fence can last from 20 years to a lifetime with proper maintenance. Ask your contractor about the lifespan and upkeep requirements of each material. Determine the pros and cons of each option and ask for insight and recommendations.

3. How Will You Handle Permitting and Inspections?

Most commercial buildings require various permits and code inspections when undergoing significant exterior construction. Seasoned professionals will be versed in what’s necessary based on where your property is located and the type of operation. Confirm they are willing to pull permits on your behalf and oversee scheduling any inspections. The last thing you want is to pass final checks only to find out something wasn’t handled properly according to regulations. A reputable fence team will guide you appropriately.

Choosing the right commercial fence business takes research, but asking the right questions upfront saves headaches. By asking about their experience, getting specifics on recommended materials for your needs, confirming they handle permitting properly, and requesting assurances on workmanship, you can feel confident you’ve made a solid choice. If you’re looking to install a commercial fence, reach out to our team at American Federal Gates for an estimate today.